What Our Subscribers Have To Say About The Daily Puzzle Club


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Just a note to say how much we appreciate the daily puzzle.
We have a daily contest to see who finishes first or who gets the closest to completion.
We wish you and the team a “Happy New Year”

Cyril and Iris Rogers December 31, 2023

Hi Alan, I enjoy receiving the daily puzzles very much.It would be good to see a bit more variation, i.e. a few more anagrams and other types of puzzles that feature in the Puzzle Books I subscribe to.
Thank You

Mandy Carter December 31, 2023

Good Morning Alan.
Your puzzles are great!
I particularly enjoy the straight crosswords and always do them against the clock, anything under 10 minutes is good.
I’ve always enjoyed crosswords, and other puzzles.
Your puzzle gets my day off to a good start, – wakes up my brain!

Jo Latimer December 31, 2023
I am really enjoying being a member of the Daily Puzzle Club. I always do a puzzle straight after breakfast to get the brain into gear for the coming day.
Daily Puzzle Club has a variety of puzzles to suit everyone. As well as straight crosswords there are barred crosswords, arrow words etc.
Keep up the variety, Alan.
Thank you and a Happy New Year.
Paula Trickey December 31, 2023

Hi Alan, I was very interested in The Daily Puzzle when you notified us of its launch. I very much look forward to its arrival in my inbox each day.
The various puzzles get my leisurely morning off to a great start, although sometimes more of a frustrating start.
The variety of puzzles is also an added bonus.
A great idea, very much appreciated.

Andy Champion December 30, 2023

Since you started the daily puzzles it has been great.
It’s a good way to wake your brain up.
Hope you all had a great Christmas and are looking forward to a Happy and Prosperous New Year.
Keep up the good work and stay safe.

Stuart Inglis December 30, 2023
I look forward to the daily puzzles, and really enjoy having a go at them.
There are some days when I can’t complete them and that annoys me no end. But most days I can work through them.
It’s really important to keep the brain cells ticking over. Although I’ve retired, I volunteer in a local office, and that helps too.
Keep up the good work.
Irene Nicholson December 30, 2023

I have enjoyed doing the daily puzzle, don’t always complete but look forward to the morning coffee break and challenge.
Thank you again.

Carol Carter December 30, 2023

Start the day the puzzle way!
The first thing I look for when I open my computer is the daily puzzle.
Thank you.
Happy New Year.

Rachel Messinger December 30, 2023
I enjoy completing the daily puzzles.
They aren’t too easy or too hard.
I enjoy the variety of puzzles too.
Keep sending them please.
Lyn Richardson December 30, 2023
I enjoy getting the daily puzzle.
It’s very interesting not knowing what today’s one is going to be!
I find them challenging and I love the missing vowels one and the anagram, but I enjoy doing them all.
Jane Magee December 30, 2023
I love the daily puzzles and look forward to them immensely I try to start my day with them.
Of course the problem with that is the long wait for the next one!
I get a little despondent with the missing vowels where there can be more than one possible word, for example dupe and dope. Sadly I get a bit annoyed with myself if I fail to get 100%. I can just about cope when my answer is factually incorrect but in the more than one possible answers category…
Anyway keep up the good work, I love it.
Kate Stimpson December 30, 2023
I thoroughly enjoy taxing my brains with the various puzzles.
I am elderly and consider them a great way to keep the mind active.
Perhaps a cryptic puzzle occasionally would be a nice change.
I have looked at some other puzzles, but find too many are gimmicky and not worth the effort!
Keep up the good work.
Elizabeth Barclay December 30, 2023

I look forward to getting your daily puzzles and enjoy doing ( or trying to do them !).
I think it helps to keep my elderly brain ticking over ( I’m 92 ).
I particularly like those you fit vowels in.

Brenda Hole December 30, 2023

Hi Alan, Best wishes for 2024.
I absolutely love doing the daily puzzle but sometimes they miss a day or two before turning back up in my emails.
They are fun to do, even though I don’t always get the correct words and they keep my 55 year old brain active.
A free puzzle daily what more could you want!

Ginny Neary December 30, 2023
I do enjoy the daily puzzle, I find it very stimulating especially useful for keeping my aging brain sharp.
I would like to see a few more puzzles like the missing vowel one and the anagrams.
Many thanks for providing the puzzle and Happy New Year.
Jennifer Young December 30, 2023